Patrizia Nerozzi Bellman is Professor of English Literature.

She started university teaching in 1969 in the Faculty of Law and later in the Faculty of Political Science and in the Faculty of Arts at the Università degli Studi of Milano.

In 1986 she was given the chair of English in the Faculty of Modern Languages at the Università di Chieti.

In 1990 she moved to the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM of Milano where she was Head of the Curriculum in Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures and Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages(2003-2008).

She was in the the Board of the Doctoral Degree in Comparative Literatures at IULM University, in the Board of the Doctoral Degree in Humanities at the University of Verona and in the Scientific Board of ICoN (till 2010)

She is now member of the Committee for the scientific evaluation of research-products for the Humanities (CIVR) and of the ESF Pool of Reviewers.

Patrizia Nerozzi has published numerous books and essays in academic journals, directed and participated in various research projects (CNR, PRIN): among the latest PRIN project: “Equity and the Law: the Concept of Equity in English Literature and Law”; IULM interdisciplinary project on “Art and neuroscience”.

She founded the Language Centre, which later became Centre for Digital studies and Humanities Laboratory.

She is in the scientific Board of AIDEL- Associazione Italiana Diritto e Letteratura

She is in the scientific Board of Pòlemos, an academic journal of law and literature.


Her fields of research include:

the theory of narrative; the history of the novel; 18th century British literature and art; new communication technologies and visual arts, literature and law.


She has organized the following International conferences:

  • "Internet e le Muse" (14th-15th November 1996)
  • "Congenialità e traduzione" (20th May 1996)
  • "Le comunità virtuali e i saperi umanistici" (26th-27th-28th November 1997)
  • " Il viaggio e la scrittura" (3rd May1999)
  • "Arts and Literature in e-Publishing" (19th-20th October 1999)
  • “Arts and Literature in e-Publishing” (October 1999)
  • “games@IULM” (May 2006, in collaboration with Stanford University
Since 2000 she has directed the Tristram Shandy Web, a digital edition of Sterne’s book (special mention at eContent Award 2005).(